Ceremonies & Celebrations

You are cordially invited in vivo or via lifestream to participate in the various ceremonies of the annual cycle. The Vedic culture is rich in festivals in which the various divine energetic aspects that affect us and nature are honored. These are days that carry a special energy from an energetic point of view. When special pujas (ceremonies) are celebrated on these days, the divine aspects of nature bless people, for example by helping them to overcome various blockages and challenges in life through grace.

Dates 2024

Fullmoon-Puja (Purnima) & Satsang

Dates:  27.04. (Supermoon), 26.05. (Supermoon), 24.06., 24.07., 22.08., 21.09., 20.10., 19.11., 19.12. 

At every full moon, certain energetic gates open, which flow onto the earth and us humans and enable us to connect more easily with certain energetic qualities of consciousness or to go through or initiate certain developments more easily. A puja and a satsang take place at the center every full moon. In satsang, which means "meeting in the divine presence", we sing songs that open the heart, allow ourselves to be touched and connect with the divine qualities: Joy, beauty, inner peace, community and love.


Newmoon-Puja (Amavasya) & Satsang

Dates:  12.04., 11.05., 10.06., 10.07., 08.08., 07.09. 06.10., 04.11., 19.12. 

New moon is an energetically important day to start things anew and to honor the ancestors. In India and the Vedic culture, food is offered to the ancestors and pujas are celebrated on these days to this day.


Dates: 07.04.2021, 21.04.202, 07.05.202, 23.05.202, 05.06.202, 21.06.2021, 05.07.2021, 20.07.2021, 04.08.2021, 18.08.2021, 02.09.202, 17.09.202, 02.10.2021, 16.10.2021, 01.11.2021, 15.11.2021, 30.11.2021, 14.12.2021, 30.12.2021

Ekadasi is 11 days after the full moon and 11 days after the new moon. It is an energetically important day. Spiritual practice, such as meditation, is particularly powerful on this day, as we find it easier to access the spiritual heart and the subtle worlds. As a rule, we fast on this day from one sunrise to the next and intensify our spiritual practice.

Pongal - Harvest festival

Date:  14.01. - 17.01.2024

Pongal is one of the most important festivals in Tamil Nadu, South India. It is a harvest festival in which the sun, the rain and the farm animals are honored in a special way. Farmers leave the old year behind and focus on the new agricultural season. For four days, gratitude is expressed to nature and various ceremonies are celebrated.


Ganesha Chathurti - Ganesha Birthday

Date:  15.02.2021, 04.02.2022, 25.01.2023

Ganesha is one of the two sons of Shiva and Parvati. On this day, Ganesha is especially honored for helping us to overcome obstacles and difficulties in life with his blessings. Pujas performed on this day help us to overcome difficult situations in life more easily.


Saraswati Jayanti - Vasant Pachami

Date:  16.02.2021

Saraswati is the goddess and energy of wisdom, science, healing and art. This day is her birthday. Pujas performed on this day help us to develop more easily in relation to these topics with the help of Saraswati's blessings.


Date:  11.03. - 12.03.2021

Shivatratri is one of the most important festivals in Vedic culture. Shiva is a name for the highest divine consciousness. One could also say God himself. It is said that on this night, Shiva awakens from his meditation and walks the earth to bless all those who honor him. During the night, people come together to sing and meditate. The day before we fast. We will do pujas together during the night, keep vigil, sing and meditate. The night ends at 5.00 a.m. with a communal breaking of the fast and breakfast.


Navaratri - 10-day celebration of the divine mother

Date:  13.04. - 22.04.2021 & 07.-14.10.2021

Navaratri is one of the holiest festivals in Vedic culture. During these 10 days, which take place in spring and autumn, the feminine, creative and creative aspect of creation is especially honored. Every day, pujas and aratis are performed for the divine mother in order to receive her protection and blessings. During these 10 days, one can fast or eat only fruits. Spiritual practice is particularly powerful during these days. The 10th day is called Vijaya Dashami and marks the end of Navaratri. Symbolically, it stands for the victory of light over darkness.


Sri la Sri Mahanandha Siddha Dhoti change

Date:  14.04.2021

Sri la Sri Mahanandha Siddha is Shiva himself in human form, according to a message from the palm leaves. An abishekam takes place on this day. Milk and water are poured over Siddha as a living murti. Afterwards, Siddha changes his dhoti, the only garment he wears for a whole year without changing it.


Hanuman Jayanti - Hanuman Birthday

Date:  27.04.2021

On this day, we celebrate Hanuman's birthday. In Vedic culture, he is considered one of the most faithful and devoted servants of God. Hanuman freed the goddess Sita from the hands of the demons and brought her back to his beloved Rama (God). On this day, we chant the Hanuman Chalisa 108 times in honor of Hanuman. Chanting the Hanuman Chalisa helps us to dissolve karmic aspects of our lives and free ourselves from them.


Vaikasi Visakam - Subramanya Birthday

Date:  25.05.2021, 12.06.2022

Subramanya is the second son of Shiva and Parvati. He is also called Muruga or Kartikeya. On this day, we perform a ceremony and puja for Subramanya. When we worship Subramanya, he grants us supreme protection from negative energies and forces in life.

 Summer Solstice

Date:  21.06.2021

At the summer solstice, the sun has reached its highest point in the firmament. It is the longest light-flooded day of the year. These are days of joy and lightness, when our consciousness is also flooded with light. The summer solstice is like an energetic gateway through which we can pass in order to find contact with the subtle worlds more easily.

 Guru Purnima

Date:  24.07.2021 

Guru Purnima is a very special full moon day in the annual cycle. On this day, we connect especially with our inner and outer teachers (guru) and honor and thank them for all their support, guidance and grace. The term "guru" comes from Sanskrit and translates as "the one who dispels the darkness of consciousness."

Krsna Janmashtami - Krishna Birthday

Date:  30.08.2021

Krsna Janmashtami is the birthday of Krishna. Krishna is considered to be an avatar of Vishnu, i.e. an incarnation of God. The entire Bhagavad Gita, a book of great wisdom, is about him. Krishna is also known in connection with Radha. Both were divine lovers and symbolize the highest form of love, unconditional love. The story is told of Krishna that when he was a child (Govinda), he used to steal his mother's butter to snack on it. That is why butter and sweets are offered to him especially on this day in the puja.

 Dipavali - Festival of lights

Date:   01.11. - 06.11.2021

Dipavali takes place on the night of the new moon in November. It is a great festival of lights where candles and fairy lights are lit everywhere. The festival is a symbolic reminder of our inner light and our enlightenment process, which is the only thing that matters in our lives.


Sri la Sri Mahanandha Siddha Birthday

Date:    13.12.2021

On this day we celebrate Sri La Sri Mahananda Siddha's birthday and will perform a big puja at the center in honor of Shiva.

Winter Solstice

Date:    21.12.2021

On December 21, the sun reaches its lowest point in the sky and we experience the darkest day of the year. The 21st of December marks the beginning of the Rauhnächte. The gates to the subtle worlds open. We gain easier access to higher worlds, but also to the dark aspects of our consciousness that want to experience healing.


Date:   24.-26.12.2021

At Christmas we celebrate the birth of Jesus. The Christmas season, especially the period from January 21 - 6, falls within the period of the Rough Nights, which are of great importance from an energetic point of view. The gates between the worlds are wide open and enable us to receive higher inspired knowledge and to align ourselves inwardly with the coming year.



Date:  31.12.2021

We say goodbye to the old year and prepare ourselves inwardly for the new one. We sing, meditate, eat and create a celebration of joy together to welcome in the new year. 

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