The Current Processes in Nature

Nature goes through larger and smaller cycles of time that repeat themselves in a recurring sequence. One cycle that we humans can experience directly, for example, are the four seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. Each season is characterized by a certain energy and mood. In addition to these small cycles of time that we can experience, there are much larger ones. These are described in the Vedic scriptures as the four "yugas" (ages).

 "Veda" means "knowledge". It describes the universal and timeless knowledge about the connections and laws of nature. Around 5000 years ago, this knowledge was written down in the so-called Vedas by Rishi (seer) Vyasa in order to preserve it beyond the current cycle. The rishis already knew at that time that the ages would change today and created ways to preserve the knowledge, including the palm leaf libraries.

The current cycle, now ending, is called Kaliyuga (Age of Darkness). It is the most materialistic and disharmonious of all ages. It is also called the age of war, separation and strife. During this time, humanity does not live in harmony with nature, the laws of nature and its divine soul. Egoism and materialism dominate people's consciousness. As a result, the disharmonious energies in nature are increasing more and more. 

People and the earth are currently undergoing a major process of upheaval. Humanity is now entering a Satyayuga (age of truth and truthfulness). In this age, people will once again live in harmony with their divine soul, the laws of nature, their fellow human beings and nature. It is also the age of the Rishis and Siddhas, who withdrew to the subtle planes during the Kaliyuga in order to positively guide and influence world events from there for the benefit of people and the earth.

Before we can fully enter the new age, humanity is called upon to purify itself and the earth of all inner and outer disharmonious energies. The rishis and siddhas have been working from the background for the past millennia and are now becoming visible again in this process of transformation in order to accompany and support people in this transformation process.

Who are the 19 Siddhas? 

Everything in nature is animated: animals, plants, people, trees, planets, etc. The consciousness of every living being vibrates at a certain frequency level. This frequency level determines the reality from which a being lives and creates its reality. The higher the frequency level of consciousness, the more unconditional love, pure intentions, intuition, selflessness, forgiveness, inner peace and joy a being has realized and the more it lives in harmony with its true destiny and the laws of nature and the closer it is to the divine source. The lower the frequency level of consciousness, the more the consciousness is permeated by conditional love, self-centered motives, attachments to emotions and inner wounds. In order to raise the frequency level, a process of transformation and purification of consciousness is needed, of all aspects that lower the frequency. 

When the soul leaves the body, after the transition to the spiritual dimensions, it enters the levels in the subtle worlds that correspond to the soul frequency. Just as there are different levels of consciousness on earth, there are also different levels of consciousness in the spiritual worlds. What is special on Earth is that all beings, regardless of their level of consciousness, are given the opportunity to change their frequency and grow in the direction of more unconditional love, forgiveness, etc. This increases the soul's level of consciousness in the spiritual worlds. This raises the level of the soul in the subtle worlds, which influences which levels of experience we will attract in this world, but also on the other side after our transition. 

As the whole universe is animated and alive, there are souls not only on earth, but also on the subtle levels that are invisible to most people, who work and operate from different frequency levels for the good of the earth and humanity. This is especially the case now in the time of transition. There are many ascended masters, archangels and many other beings from other luminous planes who are helping to support the current transformation process of the earth and humanity. Over the next few years, we will have more contact with these levels and communicate with them again in a natural way. 

There is a kind of natural hierarchy in nature. Beings who have perfected the highest qualities of consciousness, such as unconditional love, forgiveness and selflessness, work from the highest levels of creation. Their divine nature is imbued with the greatest benevolence, purity, mercy, grace, harmony and unconditional love. The higher the frequency level of these souls from which they work, the more powerful and stronger is their work and the greater are their blessings for the earth and humanity. 

The 19 Siddhas work from these highest light-filled levels of creation. "Siddha" means "perfection". They are enlightened and fully awakened souls, beyond religion and dogma, who have unrestricted access to knowledge of the entire cosmos through their consciousness. For them, the cosmos in its essence consists of energy and the transformation of this energy.  

Siddhas receive their knowledge directly from the divine source. Depending on their soul energy, they have different tasks. They are and were healers, doctors, alchemists, scientists, gemstone experts and yogis and have produced great and lasting things for humanity, such as Ayurveda. Some of them built powerful temples, which are among the most important places of healing and power on earth. The lineage of the 19 Siddhas is considered to be particularly powerful.

The 19 Siddhas were:
1.   Agastya                      11. Idaikadar 
2.  Bhoga                         12. Alukan 
3.  Pambatti                    13. Kalanginadar 
4.   Ägapai                       14. Konganar 
5.   Kamalamuni             15. Karuvoorar 
6.   Korakkar                    16. Dhanvanthri (großer Weiser des Ayurveda)
7.   Ramadevar                17. Sittaimuni 
8.   Thirumoolar              18. Machamuni
9.   Valmiki                       19. Sri La Sri Mahananda Siddha
10. Sundarandar

The 1st Siddha - Agastyar Maha Rishi

Sri Agastyar Rishi or Siddha Agastyar is the first Siddha of the lineage of the 19 Siddhas. Agastyar is a Maha-Rishi (great seer) and is also one of the Sapta Rishis (seven great seers). He is considered a father of traditional Indian Ayurvedic medicine and Siddham medicine and is said to have been the author of several writings in this field. He is also the one who transmitted the well-known Kalari massage. 

Agastya is also an astrologer, alchemist and yogi. Agastya is considered to be one of the main initiators and writers of the palm leaf libraries in India and Bali. In the Ramayana, an ancient Indian scripture, his work is mentioned several times. 

Agastya was also the one who brought the Vedic knowledge from India to Indonesia, from where it spread to Bali. On Java, there are several temples dedicated to him and Shiva. 

Agastya had a wife, Lubamitra, with whom he is said to have been very happy. They were a divine couple and had a son together, who was called Dridhasyu and became a rishi himself. Today they both work from the subtle worlds and via the Jiva Nadi (palm leaf library).

The 19th Siddha - Sri La Sri Mahanandha Siddha

Mahananda Siddha is the 19th Siddha. "Maha" means "great", "Ananda" means "bliss". 

On December 25, 2002 around midnight, at the age of 72, Mahananda Siddha appeared to Shiva and told him that he was a Siddha with a lifespan of 500 years. In this first encounter, Shiva sent him to the holy Mahadeva Mountain (Shiva Mountain) near Vellor, Tamil Nadu in South India. 

After Shiva appeared to him, Mahananda Siddha left his belongings overnight and walked to the said holy Mahadevamalai. When he reached it, Shiva appeared before him again and told him how he should live from then on and instructed him to protect the lives of people and the earth and to build this temple.

Since 2009, Mahananda Siddha has been constructing this temple, which will play an important and essential role in relation to the Satyayuga. It serves to protect the earth and people and to uphold the laws of nature. 

Shiva is the divine aspect that plays a major role in the transformation process from Kaliyuga to Satyayuga. During this time, Shiva will dissolve the old structures and restore the cosmic order. In 2015, Sri Agastyar was informed by the Jiva Nadi that Mahananda Siddha is "Shiva".

Sriraman Siddha 

Sriraman is one of Agastyar Maharishi's closest divine instruments and guides to assist people in this time of transformation. According to a message from Agastya Maharishi, Sriraman is a Siddha himself. 

At the age of 25, after accomplishing many incredible tasks that he had received from Agastyar through the palm leaf libraries, he received the blessing from Agastyar that whenever he accompanies people on the path, Agastyar stands in his consciousness and gives guidance to the respective person through him. 

In order to be able to help people in their energetic liberation and transformation process, Sriraman has been provided with the entire Siddhamic medicine in recent years, which is considered to be one of the most energetically powerful systems of medicine on earth. Sriraman's work is primarily about making these energetic instruments, which are based on divine alchemy, available to humanity in order to help them in the current process of ascension into a new age to clear and harmonize their own energies on all levels and to adapt to the frequency of the new age.

When Sriraman sees a person's name and date of birth, he sees the essence of the individual soul and its original powers. At the same time, he also sees the exact roots of the individual's energetic problems, which mean that a person cannot remain permanently in their spiritual power and connection and repeatedly falls out of balance. 
His task is to use the instruments of the siddhas to help people to become a jiva nadi again independently of external sources, i.e. to be and remain permanently connected to the divine source through consciousness. However, this first requires the purification of all disharmonious energies of the Kaliyuga, both internally and externally.