In Harmony with Nature e.V. 

The non-profit association In Harmony with Nature e.V. was found in 2021 to make the wisdom, work and blessings of the Rishis & Siddhas visible and accessible to people. Because in this turbulent time, they are with us to give us support and assistance on all levels so that we can go through this time with confidence and strength. 

"Rishi" means "seer." "Siddha" translates to "perfection." Rishis and Siddhas are enlightened souls who have realized the highest possible level of consciousness and work from very high light-filled levels of nature to assist and help people and nature in the turning point of time that is currently taking place, as well as in the transformation processes associated with it. Currently a cycle is changing in nature. Man and Earth are passing from an age of disharmony (Kaliyuga) to an age of harmony and harmony with nature and the laws of nature (Satyayuga). The new age will be one in which people will once again live in peace, unity and loving connection with each other.

We work for and are primarily in the service of Sri Agastyar Rishi as well as the 19 Siddhas, especially the 19th Siddha Sri La Sri Mahanandha Siddha. Agastyar Rishi is, among other things, one of the founders and writers of the world-famous Indian palm leaf libraries.

The goal of the association is to support social and individual change on the one hand on an energetic level, on the other hand to inspire us to change our actions towards the earth and creation (Mother Earth in Harmony). Both must go hand in hand. Because if our consciousness is energetically peaceful and in harmony, we intuitively follow the harmonious and positive impulses from within and create with our actions a world of beauty, peace, unconditional love and harmony.

Om Namah Shivaya!

Maha Poorna Atma Yoga

"Maha Poorna Atma Yoga" is a great blessing given through the palm leaf library of Sri Agastyar Rishi. It is a simple practice that purifies the consciousness of disharmonious energies in harmony with nature and helps man to realize inner peace. Developing inner peace is important for one's spiritual development and a necessary condition for following the harmonious and intuitive impulses from within.

Palmleaf Reading 

Several thousand years ago, before the cycle of nature changed into the Kaliyuga, the Rishis knew that mankind would fall into a sleeping consciousness and would awaken from it only about 5000 years later. In order to give people in the current time orientation on their soul and life path, the Rishis, founded the palm leaf libraries. With touching precision, the soul journey of many people living today was written down on palm leaves already 2000 years ago. We work with the Jiva Nadi as well as the Nadi Sastra, in both cases an Agastya Nadi, and are very happy to be able to offer the possibility of a reading to all those who are searching for themselves. 

New Energy World

For several years Sri Agastyar Rishi has been transmitting alchemical formulas through the palm leaf library (Jiva Nadi). These have the effect of dissolving and transforming the low disharmonious energies of Kaliyuga and raising them to the energy level of Satyayuga. Alchemy is based on the natural law that when a high divine harmonic frequency meets a disharmonic low frequency, the low frequency is transformed. The mission of New Energy World is to spread these alchemical formulas throughout the world to help man and nature become energetically in tune with the energy of Satyayuga.

Atma Mandir Bremen

Under the guidance of Sri Agastyar Rishi on the Palm Leaf Libraries (Jiva Nadi), the construction of this very special temple and place was commissioned at the Ilse-Eickhoff Academy in Bremen, Germany. Over a period of 2.5 years this power place was built. Its special power lies, among other things, in the fact that it helps people to transform karma. 

Tempel Mahadevamalai 

Sri La Sri Mahanandha Siddha has been building this unique Shiva temple near Vellore in Tamil Nadu, about 3 hours drive from Bangalore and Chennai, since 2012. For the coming age (Satyayuga), according to Siddha, the temple will be of great importance worldwide and from nature's point of view, it will be a very important place on earth where people from all over the world will come to experience healing.  It is a great honor that we are allowed to support the construction of the temple with regular donations. You can donate or become a sponsor for this wonderful blessing project under the keyword: Mahadevamalai.

Mother Divine Festivals

Over the time of Kaliyuga, the feminine qualities of consciousness were strongly suppressed in the individual and collective consciousness. In the coming new era, the development of the balance of the feminine and masculine qualities of consciousness in individual and collective consciousness is of paramount importance. This means that the masculine and feminine aspects of creation will once again receive equal respect and worship. Once a year we organize a major Mother-Divine Festival in honor of the divine Mother.

Arati Movement 

The Arati is a powerful light ceremony for the worship of the divine aspects. Through the Arati, light-filled energy is generated, which in turn benefits the highest good of humanity and the earth as a blessing. Our goal is to teach Arati to all people who are open-hearted to it, so that places all over the earth once again become places of power where the Divine is invited to work energetically in a lightful and blessing way for the good of all.

Ceremonies & Festivals 

Via online streaming you have the opportunity to participate in actual ceremonies and festivals, such as Maria Lichtmess, Navaratri, Shivaratri. The ceremonies take place either in the temple in India or in the Yoga- and Siddhazentrum ZEITWANDEL at Lake Constance.

Knowledge & Wisdom

On our homepage, we post texts on Vedic knowledge and messages that have been currently transmitted through the palm leaf libraries and may be shared. But also spiritual topics that give background knowledge and help to connect with the new consciousness of Satyayuga.

Project - People in Joy

The project "People in Joy" takes on individual fates of adults and children who have fallen into hardship due to various life situations. We are engaged in the field of education, medical treatment and food. With the help of the power of the community, we collect donations and, after thorough examination, give them directly to people at home and abroad to help them transform their emergency situation and return to joy. In this way we have so far succeeded in preventing the expulsion of Peter to Kamerum, so that he can study for a master's degree in environmental engineering in Dresden, as well as helping Bipin from northern India to pay for his much-needed operation.

If you would like to support and strengthen us in our endeavors, you can help us in the form of a sponsorship or a one-time donation under the purpose: Helping people in joy to make other people happy. If you know someone who is in need of help in one of the above mentioned areas, please contact us via the contact form.

Further Projects

Mother Earth in Harmony

Through heart projects, which can be carried out by anyone in any place in this world, we want to inspire the world together and change it in a sustainable way. Through positive and harmonious actions in harmony with creation, we are shaping the world into a place of love, harmony, joy and beauty. Mother Earth in Harmony is concerned with permaculture, projects and schools for children of the new age, zero waste, community building, alternative healing methods, animal welfare, among other things.  Mother Earth in Harmony has given rise to the school initiative Ananda e.V., which has developed a school concept for the children of the new age. The school is about to open at Lake Constance.

Children of the Sun - Casa de Corazón

Children of the Sun - Casa de Corazón e.V. is a cooperation association of In Harmony with Nature e.V. Both associations support each other in their visions. Children of the Sun - Casa de Corazón e.V. focuses on the welfare of the children of this earth and the new age. Children's villages and schools will be established worldwide, which will be built in accordance with the Satyayuga. In this way, places of power are being created all over the earth, transforming the lives and circumstances of the children, as well as those of the people who live in the re-gions, and changing them for the better. It is time that once again we see the world and its future through the eyes of children. 

Founding Members

Stephanie Bunk is founder and initiator of In Harmony With Nature e.V. as well as Mother Earth in Harmony. She is also an executive director at NEW ENERGY WORLD. Her path has been guided since October 2013 through the Indian palm leaves, through the Jiva Nadi, by her spiritual teachers Agastyar Rishi and Lubamitra and since November 2019 also by Mother Mary.  She is a psychologist, author, and meditation and yoga teacher. She leads Meditation Retreats and an Online Yoga School, as well as the Yoga and Siddha Center ZEITWANDEL at Lake Constance since 2014. 

Nadine Demez is founder and 1st chairwoman of Kinder der Sonne - Casa del Corazón e.V. She organizes heart journeys and accompanies people to places of power worldwide. Part of her life's work is to connect people with themselves and others. She is also guided by Mother Mary and connected to the path of the Siddhas. Stephanie and Nadine were magically and powerfully brought together in November 2020. They share a common heart vision and have supported each other in their respective tasks and work ever since.

Jan Schempp is a happy father of two boys and loves his job as an engineer. He found the Yoga and Siddha Center in Markdorf several years ago, following an inner impulse in search of inner balance and peace in a stormy time. In this way he also came into contact with the Siddhas. The yoga thought continues to give him insight and knowledge about the laws of nature and intuition. Life gave him three languages and manual skills with which he gladly contributes when needed. 

Andrea Kelger lives and works as a graphic designer in Bielefeld, East Westphalia, North Rhine-Westphalia. In 2016, she attended a lecture by Stephanie in Bielefeld. Since the day she first heard about the Siddhas in this lecture, she felt a deep connection to them and their work.  With time it developed that she founded New Energy World together with Stephanie, Martin and Michaela.  Andrea has been to the temple in Bremen several times and has visited Siddha in India and th