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Lasst uns gemeinsam die Strukturen dieser Welt neu kreieren!

Get actively involved with your creative power and support us in rebuilding the structures of this world! Our vision is to create people-friendly structures that are based on love, peace, togetherness and respect the life energy of every human being. Structures that allow people to be happy and to develop individually and collectively. 

We are looking for people with manpower and creative power who have the joy and desire to work for a better world. In our projects "In Love with Mother Earth" and ANANDA project, you have the opportunity to actively participate and help shape change. We are currently working on developing a concept that, within the framework of the In Love with Mother Earth projects, makes it possible to combine income and good for the world! If you have ideas in this area and would like to inspire us, we would be delighted to hear from you. 

Participatory Projects

Participatory Project "In Love with Mother Earth"

Initiate your world-changing project! We want to bring together the best ideas, create new ones with you, inspire and encourage you to launch smaller and larger world-changing projects that you initiate independently and self-determinedly at the place of your choice. In Love with Mother Earth deals with topics such as permaculture, projects and schools for children of the new age, zero waste, community building, alternative healing methods and animal welfare.

Participatory Project "Festival of Joy"

Do you love bringing people together in a mindful and loving community?  Creating places of love and joy and actively contributing your creative ideas to make them a reality? Then get in touch and become part of the organizing team.

"ANANDA" Participatory Project

We are looking for people who would like to help establish and build ANANDA schools in Germany and abroad. The concept has already been examined by the Regional Council of Tübingen and has been granted official permission to open an ANANDA school on Lake Constance. Do you feel called? Then get in touch with us

If you would like to join the N E W S L E T T E R and/ or are interested in our projects or have any questions, please write to us.  We look forward to your message!

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