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When Stephanie's spiritual teachers Sri Agastyar Rishi & Lubamitra came into her life in 2013 and she had just opened the yoga and siddha center ZEITWANDEL at Lake Constance in 2014, she was looking for a way to express her gratitude, devotion and love to Agastya & Lubamitra. In her yoga teacher training she had learned the Arati, which she remembered. She began to perform it every morning and evening in front of her altar in the center. 
She felt unsure at first. Sometimes she would put down fruit and sometimes she would not. Sometimes she thought that maybe it didn't matter if she put something down, because the spiritual world might not even notice it. 
One day she received a call from India. Through the Jiva Nadi, Agastya Rishi & Lubamitra told her that they were very happy about the Arati, the incense sticks and the lights that she would light daily in the center and that they were present every time she would do it. And that she would sometimes put fruit down and sometimes not and should always put fruit down. 
That was the beginning of her touching journey with the Arati. In the years that followed, it remained a daily spiritual practice. And also on her 3-month journey through Europe, on which she was guided by the spiritual world to various Marian places, the arati played an important role and was part of her spiritual work. 
At some point, she began to receive inspirations to teach the arati to various people so that they could perform it independently at their place of residence or at places of power. This gave rise to the idea of the Arati movement. 
Arati is a powerful ceremony that transforms dark and disharmonious energies in rooms and places in general by transforming negative energies into positive, harmonious energies. The places are thus blessed by God. During the ceremony, a light is waved in front of the altar. Various mantras are repeated, invoking the different names and aspects of God as well as the energies of the masters. The offered fruit, incense sticks and sweets are gifts that are offered to God and blessed by him. The fruit can then be distributed and eaten. 
As we are currently still living in a very energetically dense and disharmonious time, the Arati helps to transform negative energies and invite God's blessing to have a positive, uplifting and harmonizing effect in various places and spaces. 
The association In Harmony with Nature e.V. regularly offers workshops where you can learn Arati. You can find the dates on this page.

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