Temple Mahadevamalai in Tamil Nadu

Since 2011, Sri La Sri Maha-Ananda Siddha has been building a large temple in Mahadevemalai, near Vellor, a three-hour drive each from Vellor and Bangalore, which will be of great importance to the earth and humanity for the coming Satyayuga. Siddha once said that energetically it will be one of the most important places on earth and that people will come from all over the world. There is no official construction plan for the temple. Siddha carries this only in his consciousness. With more than 150 workers, he has been working tirelessly day and night for several years on the construction of this temple.

According to Mahananda Siddha, every person who visits this place in the future will be freed from karmic influences and experience healing. Mahananda Siddha says that this temple will exist until the universe dissolves (pralaya). Meanwhile, many thousands of people visit the temple every day. Each visitor receives a hot meal.

It is a great honor and blessing for us that Mahanandha Siddha gives us the opportunity to collect donations for this temple, as he does not accept money from everyone.

If you would like to support this project of the heart, which will be of great importance for the earth and humanity in the coming times, then become a sponsor with a monthly or one-time donation.