Mother Divine Festivals

Every human being carries feminine and masculine energies, which express themselves as certain qualities of consciousness. The original female energy stands for pure being, silence and stillness, emptiness, healing, passivity, relaxation, intuition, spirituality and mysticism. The original male energy stands for consciousness, rationality, purposefulness, independence and activity. Women carry a higher percentage of feminine energy and men a higher percentage of masculine energy. In order to lead a balanced life, it is important that both energies, whether male or female, are harmonized and integrated in one's own consciousness.

In the last centuries, mainly the male energy dominated in the collective and individual consciousness. The female energy experienced great suppression. 
For the healing of the earth and the people in the present time it is of great importance that both energies are again integrated and lived in a harmonious way in the own and collective consciousness. In the coming Satyayuga, the feminine as well as the masculine energy will be in balance again and meet each other at eye level. Wisdom, harmony and balance arise when the respective energies are brought to bear at the right time and in a harmonious way, i.e. knowing in which situation which quality of consciousness is needed to create harmony.

Stephanie received the inspiration to initiate Divine Mother Festivals in honor of the Divine Mother and the feminine aspect of creation after a three-month journey. The date for 2022 will be announced in early 2022.