Atma Mandir Bremen

The ATMA MANDIR was built in 2016 under the guidance of Sri Agastyar Rishi and Sri La Sri Mahanandha Siddha by Sriraman on the property of the Ilse-Eickhoff-Akademie in Blumental, Bremen. 

Although at first glance it appears to be a Hindu temple, the ATMA MANDIR has nothing to do with religion or any dogmatic system. Rather, it encompasses the original and universal energetic forces of nature that act on humans and in nature, as well as their harmonization and balance. These are, for example, the five elements and the planetary energies.

The ATMA MANDIR is one of the rare "Parihara Sthalams" . These are particularly powerful places that can be visited to connect with certain energetic aspects of nature in order to transform one's own energies. The Atma Mandir is, among other things, a place of healing, liberation and resolution of karmic issues. 

At the Atma Mandir, divine harmony is particularly present. It is a place of silence, tranquility and power. It acts as a recharging station that harmonizes, transforms and rebalances one's energies. 

The temple is open and can be visited at any time. The visit is free of charge. Those who would like to take a little time out and stay overnight can book their accommodation with delicious food directly at the Ilse-Eickhoff-Academy (see below for contact details). 

If you are also interested in finding out your birth star and connecting directly with its blessing at the temple, you can contact Dominic Kramer (04209/ 6791905) at least one week in advance to find out about it. 


Atma Mandir Bremen
On the property of the:
Ringofenstraße 58
28779 Bremen 
Phone: +40 (0) 421 / 602216 or +49 (0)171 /1450108

Please contact the Ilse- Eickhoff- Academy directly if you have any questions.

Aufbau des Atma Mandir