Sriraman Siddha 

Sriraman is one of the closest and for many years directly guided by Agastyar Maharishi to assist people in this time of transformation. Sriraman is himself a Siddha. 

At the age of 25, after completing many tasks received from Agastyar through the palm leaf libraries, he received a blessing from Agastyar that whenever he accompanies people on the path, Agastyar stands in his consciousness and guides that particular person through him. 

In order to be able to help people in their energetic liberation process, Sriraman was provided with the entire Siddhamedicine, which is considered to be one of the most energetically powerful systems of medicine on earth. Sriraman's work is primarily about providing these energetic tools to humanity, based on divine alchemy, to help them in the current ascension process into a new age to clear and harmonize their own energies on all levels and to adapt to the frequency of the new age.

When Sriraman sees a person's name and birth date, he sees the essence of the individual soul and its original powers. At the same time, he also sees the roots of the individual energetic problem that causes a person not to be able to stay permanently in his or her soul power and connection, and keeps falling out of balance.  In addition, he sees which divine instruments a person needs to be able to permanently balance these imbalances, so that the soul can permanently connect with its intuition and thus become a Jiva Nadi itself, i.e. permanently perceive its inner guidance independent of external sources.