Founding Members

Stephanie Bunk is founder and initiator of In "Harmony With Nature e.V." as well as "In Love with Mother Earth". She is also an executive director at NEW ENERGY WORLD. Her path has been guided since October 2013 through the Indian palm leaves, through the Jiva Nadi, by her spiritual teachers Agastyar Rishi and Lubamitra and since November 2019 also by Mother Mary.  She is a psychologist, author, and meditation and yoga teacher. She leads Meditation Retreats and an Online Yoga School, as well as the Yoga and Siddha Center ZEITWANDEL at Lake Constance since 2014. 

Jan Schempp is a happy father of two boys and loves his job as an engineer. He found the Yoga and Siddha Center in Markdorf several years ago, following an inner impulse in search of inner balance and peace in a stormy time. In this way he also came into contact with the Siddhas. The yoga thought continues to give him insight and knowledge about the laws of nature and intuition. Life gave him three languages and manual skills with which he gladly contributes when needed. 

Andrea Kelger lives and works as a graphic designer in Bielefeld, East Westphalia, North Rhine-Westphalia. In 2016, she attended a lecture by Stephanie in Bielefeld. Since the day she first heard about the Siddhas in this lecture, she felt a deep connection to them and their work.  With time it developed that she founded New Energy World together with Stephanie, Martin and Michaela.  Andrea has been to the temple in Bremen several times and has visited Siddha in India and the temple. 

Constanze Gillé is a company interpreter and lives with her family in Markdorf.  She loves to be in nature and to move. She met Stephanie through the Yoga and Siddha Center and came into contact with the path of the Siddhas through it. Over the years, a deep friendship has developed between the two. She would now like to support the work for the Siddhas as well as in the work of the association as 2nd chairperson. 

Martin Dreisewerd lives with his family near Bielefeld. He is a project manager and managing director of his own company. In his free time he finds peace and balance through Qi Gong. He met Stephanie at a lecture in Bielefeld. Through this he came in contact with the Siddhas. He is one of the co-founders of NEW ENERGY WORLD. His heart's desire is to help make the earth a place of harmony and joy. 

Maria Buterus holds a degree in industrial engineering and works as a project manager in a medium-sized company. She has a son and lives with her small family in Markdorf. In her free time she likes to paint, design and sew. She got to know Stephanie through several yoga courses at the Yoga and Siddha Center. This has created a deep spiritual connection with the Siddhas, whose work she would like to support. 

Yasmina von Haßler is an ambassador for natural and holistic health with the support of active ingredients from nature. She works as an energeticist, aromatologist, trainer and systemic coach. Stephanie and her path were brought together and connected in a powerful way through Earth in Balance. Through this she came in contact with the path of the Siddhas and since then feels deeply connected to their work and work.